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Battle of the stories: Instagram vs. Snapchat

All businesses strive to be innovative and stay one step ahead of the game and that’s no different for the social media giants of the world.

It was only at the start of October that Facebook introduced the new marketplace feature (you may have noticed it at the bottom of your mobile phone app), allowing people to buy and sell various different products, while Twitter recently modified its 140-character rule. Sometimes, however, it seems like conforming to what others have done before you can be equally as effective.

Instagram’s new “Instagram Stories” feature, which was implemented in August, did just that, appearing to quite literally copy Snapchat’s version (right down to the name). Like Snapchat, the new feature allows users to share moments that have occurred throughout the day which are then wiped after 24 hours. The feature also lets users draw and write on images and videos which Instagram says will ‘bring their stories to life’. While almost all of the features are the same as those on Snapchat, Instagram has managed to modify one element, tailoring popular videos to the interests of users based on the type of accounts they are following.

Two months since its introduction and Instagram users seem to be taking to the feature nicely, with more than 100 million daily views being recorded. Despite the feature still being in its infancy, Instagram has dealt a blow to Snapchat which has approximately 300 million less monthly active users – but can they provide a knockout and wipe Snapchat off the social media map for good in the near future?

Comments made by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom appear to indicate continuous development of the new addition, claiming that the company wants to be innovative moving forward. Judging by how well the first version of the app has gone down, this is not good news for Snapchat, though exactly what Systrom and his team are planning remains to be seen.

Snapchat also boasts a range of features that its competitors haven’t got, opening up its platform to a different type of user. With features that let you turn yourself into an animal, wear a flower crown and even one that gives you eyes large enough to look like a deformed Puss in Boots, Snapchat taps into users’ inner children, which probably explains why they are the third most popular social media site amongst millennials behind Facebook and, oh, Instagram. Users can also send videos to individuals on Snapchat, another function Instagram doesn’t offer.

Remember when I said innovation was key to any business? Continuous updates and regular developments on many sites means Snapchat may face a threat from the new features on Instagram and other platforms in the future, but after developing an app that is now common tongue for most it seems as though it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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