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Founded in 1999, Calix has risen from start-up to the world’s largest telecommunications vendor in access equipment in just 16 years. Calix began to dominate North America but took a giant step four years ago when it turned its attention to the international marketplace. Following an acquisition, the company inherited a presence outside the Continent and hired Proactive PR to raise awareness of its capabilities, track record and experience in this important area of the industry.

Our Task

The task was simple: take this well-established US-based brand and support it around the rest of the world. A whole range of marketing communications tools would play a part in the campaign and this would also include the growing numbers of partners and distributors who wanted to become a part of the Calix family but may not have the PR capability to maximise their own potential.

Actions taken

Proactive PR developed a marketing and PR strategy with Calix designed around the target territories, distributor support and Thought Leadership. It was very keen to work with local partners to make Calix look as local as possible, so that service providers and businesses could feel confident that world-class local support was always close at hand. This process had great potential for success because it gave Calix profile where previously none existed and also added extra value by supporting partners in the process and also building their names in their home markets.

To ensure momentum was maintained, Proactive PR organised and managed a news gathering process for Calix staff and partners around the world. All these PR activities were maintained and developed as Calix moved forward and became established across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Calix is now recognised as a truly international leader in access technology and a thought leader for the industry. In less than four years, it has gone from having a minor presence in four international territories to more than 60 offices in 38 countries. Proactive PR has played its part in achieving this success and continues its work to this day, with a major focus for 2016 in Latin America and Russia.