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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

The Challenge

As a global organisation with members and projects spanning the globe, the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) wanted to further increase its interaction with Tier 1 media outlets and journalists around the world as part of its new PR strategy.


The organisation, which advocates for laws and regulations that will lead to more efficient and effective spectrum utilization, identified a list of global list of Tier 1 journalists and media outlets it wanted to meet with and be covered by. It then handed this list to Proactive PR in August 2015, challenging the team to secure as many briefings as possible from this Key Performance Indicator (KPI) list by December 2015.

Actions Taken

Proactive PR created a strategy which aimed to both build on existing relationships with the Tier 1 key journalists identified and create new relationships from scratch. By utilising relevant industry news, Proactive PR was able to attract the interest of a significant number of journalists and, most importantly, convert this interest into media briefings and coverage.

 The DSA also attends a number of key spectrum events around the globe throughout the year. Proactive PR was able to exploit the DSA’s attendance at these events – including Mobile World Congress and Convergence India – to arrange one-to-one interviews for the organisation with Tier 1 journalists.


In only the first three months of the KPI 12 month plan Proactive PR secured 23 briefings with the 38 targeted KPIs the DSA had identified. This translated to a 61% success rate in just the first three months.

The face-to-face and teleconference briefings secured by Proactive PR were with the following Tier 1 publications:

Policy Tracker – Europe

Communications Daily – North America

TR Daily – North America

Communications Africa – Africa

Telecom Review APAC – Asia

Bloomberg – Global

Fierce Wireless – North America

Mobile World Live – Asia

Wall Street Journal – North America

Developing Telecoms – Africa, Asia, Latin America

EE Times – Global, Asia

Htxt.africa – Africa

Gigaom – North America

Southern African Wireless Communications – Africa

TeleSemana – Latin America

Total Telecom – Global

ZDNet – Global

Success Rate

Briefings Secured