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ECOC Exhibition

The Challenge

As the organiser of the ECOC Exhibition – the largest optical communications exhibition in Europe – Nexus Media Events needed a bespoke PR company that could not only deliver day-to-day PR activity but also integrate seamlessly with its own in-house marketing team to secure sponsorship agreements and carry out all of the filming at the event.

Even though the event takes place over one week, the ECOC team needs year-round PR support, with different pressure points arising each week. The ECOC team itself also has to attend a lot of industry events to make sure it has the most up to date speaking tracks for its own Market Focus sessions.

Actions Taken…

Ahead of the Event

Proactive PR has supported the ECOC Exhibition since 2009 and is very much in sync with everything the ECOC team needs. We have an in-depth, face-to-face briefing from the marketing team at the beginning of each year and keep in touch via weekly emails and calls.

Publicity for the event is key and Proactive PR researches and writes all of the exhibition’s press releases which provide important updates about the event each year. Proactive PR also runs the ECOC Exhibition social media and helps secure sponsorship opportunities and contra deals with local and international optic or cable-focused companies. Proactive PR also ensures ECOC exhibitors are kept up to date with any new information relating to their bookings and actively encourages media contacts to register and attend the event. Ahead of filming at the event, Proactive PR schedules interview slots with all of the Market Focus speakers, including representatives from global industry players such as Microsoft, Intel and Ericsson.


During the Event

Each year the ECOC Exhibition travels to a new international location and Proactive PR supplies two full film crews to ensure every key moment is captured. The Market Focus sessions are particularly popular with attendees and Proactive PR dedicates one film crew to interview the speakers and record valuable footage of guests enjoying these talks. These are then edited and rendered by the Proactive PR in-house team and supplied back to the ECOC team for it to publish on its website and social media channels.

In addition to the above, Proactive PR writes the event’s show daily, which is then featured on the ECOC Exhibition website each day during the event. These news articles are time sensitive and have to be written at the event to incorporate all of the day-to-day activities. Quotes from speakers, exhibitors and attendees are all gathered, drafted and approved on-site by the Proactive PR team before the completed show daily is uploaded to the ECOC website, as well as being distributed to the event’s email database.

The Results

The ECOC Exhibition is an industry-renowned event that companies and delegates attend year after year, with the 2017 edition attracting nearly 6,000 attendees. Proactive PR has actively increased the publicity surrounding the event and significantly increased the media coverage of the event, with press release placements on leading industry news sites such as Lightwave and

Proactive PR has also boosted the ECOC Exhibition following on both Twitter and Instagram, which the event organiser had identified as its key markets for 2017. Since the start of the project in November 2016, the ECOC Instagram account has seen a tenfold increase in followers, with more than 500 post likes recorded ahead of the event in September 2017. The event’s Twitter account gained more than 350 followers in the same time period, taking its follower total past 2,000 for the first time.

At the 2017 event, Proactive PR produced more than 30 on-site interviews with exhibitors, Market Focus speakers, attending delegates and key sponsors, along with two overview videos incorporating the highlights of the event.


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