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Proactive International PR launches unique student training programme with University of Lincoln

A new partnership is announced today between Proactive International PR – a global technology public relations consultancy in Southwell – and the University of Lincoln School of Journalism. The scheme gives students the chance to undertake work placements with the aim of enhancing their potential for employability post-graduation.

Proactive Pathway, the six-month work experience scheme, will see each student join the office once a week, producing work for real clients to use in their portfolio. Upon completion of the scheme, the agency will award them a certification, highlighting their extra experience to add to their CV.

“This scheme is different to your average fortnight in business as it gives valuable hands on experience over a huge period of time. They will get the chance to see us at our busiest, see how we introduce new business to our accounts, and will even have the possibility of joining us at some leading industry events,” said Founder & CEO of Proactive PR, Brian Dolby. “The public relations and journalism industry is highly competitive, so Proactive Pathway will give students an upper hand career-wise come graduation.”

The programme will primarily be offered to third-year students studying Journalism & PR degrees at the University. The students will be required to apply and interview in a real office-like setting. After a detailed selection process, students will then be told whether they have been chosen.

Tim Greenfield, Senior Lecturer at University of Lincoln School of Journalism, said: “We are delighted to be working with Proactive PR on this innovative scheme. They have been great supporters of the journalism school and have employed our graduates over the years. This will really give our students the edge – working with one of the top technology PR companies in the UK.”

Proactive Pathway will begin at the end of October 2016 and conclude in May 2017.


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