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Driving forward the future of transport

We all remember printed timetables at bus stops and waiting in the rain – dark days indeed. But public transport is evolving. Many bus stops have real time travel news to keep you updated and a bus without Wi-Fi is starting to look a little passé. Still in bed? Need to know when the next bus is? There’s an app for that!

Thanks to heavy investment in infrastructure and new technology, we are now more connected than ever – both literally and figuratively. Your daily commute is no longer just a necessary period of inactivity, as more and more transport companies implement systems to allow you to treat the bus as an extension to your office.

This is made possible by companies like Huber+Suhner – a Swiss tech company at the forefront of the world of travel connectivity. Technologies like multifunction antennas, encompassing video surveillance, signal control, localisation and passenger counting systems, mean that the latest technology is now more widely available than ever before.

But connectivity is not the only concern where public transport is concerned. A 2007 survey in Malmo, Sweden found that 38% of the passengers surveyed had experienced “frightening or disturbing situations” when travelling by bus. After the installation of CCTV on 170 buses across the city, 60% said that they felt safer when using the public transport and 17% stated that they were actually electing to travel by bus more often as a result.

This is another improvement for which we have technology to thank. Huber+Suhner’s SENCITY Road® system is just one example of the sort of solution that can be retro-fitted across existing transport fleets, without the need to invest millions in brand new vehicles. The technology is future-proof, and can be adapted as further developments are made. This means that even the Number 2 bus running twice a day between Small Village and Even Smaller Village could soon have Wi-Fi and CCTV on board.

The world of possibilities that technology like this opens up is truly inspiring. Just a few years ago, the idea of holding a video conference with China whilst on the 10:33am train from Birmingham to Bristol would have been completely inconceivable. Now, it’s entirely plausible.

As the agency director, it is inspiring to work for a company that is doing so much to advance to way we travel. The world is your office – but if working outside of work isn’t your thing, at least you’ll be able to stream music and download e-books on the go!


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