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Make social your New Year’s resolution

The goal is #ATTENTION. In the last 5+ years, the focus for businesses has taken a favourable shift towards social media platforms and sharing communities. With more than 3.499 billion active users online, companies can not only connect with their target audience easier than ever before, but it also opens up opportunities to reach new audiences.

And we have social media to thank for that.

Cutting through the hype

With rising trends, new platforms, algorithms, techniques, features, tools and opportunities to best engage with your audience- and that’s just in the last month – it’s easy to get lost before you’ve really started. It’s our role to understand, adapt and evolve as fast as the attention shifts to ensure we establish the best communication plan across social channels to promote discussions that align with your complete PR strategy.

With likes, shares and comments, social content is always landing in different people’s timelines every day, from key decision-makers to online news outlets – social has become an essential weapon in a company’s arsenal to get their message and brand more exposure, and to the right people.

The right roadmap

We understand the social environment is always changing. From creative, innovative and topical content. We recommend you have the right roadmap to ensure your social strategy is working across all your communication efforts to bring you the most attention. With this move to creative, we also have to understand the role social media plays in crisis management situations. With platforms such as Twitter becoming end-users’ first port of call to complain to organisations, we can use these platforms to proactively monitor and contain situations, and issue statements to protect the brand.

Social media has created a dynamic shift to how we consume information and reach people. Right now, social has become one of the most powerful tools for communication. In 2020 and beyond, it is important you use this opportunity for attention to not only listen to your audience but also connect with them.

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By Conor Woodhall, Senior Social Media Consultant

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