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Mastering the art of technology PR

by Hollie Auburn, PR Consultant

Today, technology changes so fast and there’s no denying that we have allowed our lives to revolve around and rely on it. We live in a world fuelled by drones and autonomous cars, from smart speakers, to robotics in nearly every industry. That’s why our role at Proactive International PR is becoming more important than ever, to help position emerging technology organizations at the forefront of their field, through the developing of strategies and stories to place them in the present.

One of the greatest benefits of working on tech PR is that we get to glimpse into the future well before it arrives. We do this through outreach that allows people to read and hear about our clients, as well as watch and try live demonstrations when appropriate. It’s always about developing a story through content that engages, taps into emotions and triggers a response. In our case, we get to script the next chapter before it happens because we understand exactly how our clients are shaping the technology industry.

Jargon unmasked

The tech industry is full of jargon, and it changes continuously with the sector pushing PR professionals to think beyond today’s reality and step into the future. We act as communication experts to explain our client’s technology in ways that potential customers, investors and consumers can read and understand. That’s why it’s so important to understand the industry inside and out. Here are a few handy terms defined to give you a head start:

An evolving industry

These are just a handful of the many terms used in the technology industry and these may well become words of the past in the coming years. As the sector continues to evolve, learning terminology sometimes feels like way too much effort to keep up with a moving target. Smart speakers, smart homes and even smart cars are the tech wave to ride in the future, but it’s just the beginning. On that note, here are a few ways to keep up and stay informed with the industry:


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