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The Challenge

CommunicAsia / BroadcastAsia is one of the world’s flagship telecommunications and broadcast industry events. The event – which takes place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore – has continued to grow steadily and attracts around 2,000 companies and more than 50,000 visitors from 56 countries each year.

Proactive PR has acted as the event’s official PR agency for a number of years but our involvement with the show does not stop there. Each year, we also support several long-standing clients at the show and often take on additional projects.

Our biggest ever CommunicAsia saw us support 15 clients – and take on the role of official TV provider for the satellite hall.

Our Task

Proactive PR had a varied range of clients to support at CommunicAsia 2013 – from Australian telecoms giant Telstra Global and innovative satellite service provider O3b Networks to OTT television pioneers InView and Belgian global satellite leaders Newtec. In addition, smaller US and UK companies had signed up for our services and were all seeking their share of the limelight.

As the official international consultancy for the entire event, we had three fully operational roving camera crews to accommodate event filming and were also tasked by Total Telecom to film its Asian Communication Awards event, which takes place in Singapore during the same week as CommunicAsia.


After liaising with each client and agreeing individual event objectives, Proactive PR got to work, with pre-show activity including press releases, media outreach and scheduling video interviews. In order to ensure maximum attendance at presentations which feature our clients, we also designed flyers to hand out to delegates at the event.

Finally, the television work needed to be coordinated. As well as working with SatTV Week and Total Telecom, Proactive needed to timetable its clients so that as many as possible received the attention of the cameras. In addition to interviews for the various channels, Proactive PR was also looking to film case studies, product demos and interviews with clients for them to use on their own website and social media channels.

For the show itself, Proactive PR organised a nine-strong team to attend the show – two of which were fluent Mandarin speakers – ensuring the smooth running of all activities and to be on hand to deal with any last minute PR related opportunities.


Proactive PR’s work with its attending clients led to record results, as well as demonstrating a range of marketing, multimedia and traditional PR skills. In pure media coverage alone – resulting from stories prepared either prior to the opening day to provide maximum marketing attention and potential visitors or during the event – around 1,800 pieces had been tracked by the end of CommunicAsia. This included client editorial coverage in the official CommunicAsia Show Daily every single day.

Many face-to-face briefings and telephone interviews were also organised, resulting in additional coverage after the show and carrying on the momentum we had created.

At the conference presentation delivered by a Telstra Global representative, there was literally standing room only. The same was true for the O3b “live” contract signing with Malaysian mobile operator Maja Nusa (a Proactive PR suggestion) and for Newtec’s event aiming to boost adoption of a new DVB standard for the satellite industry.

The agency was also praised by CommunicAsia organiser Singapore Exhibition Services (SES) and offered the role of approved international PR consultancy for the following year. This is a role we are proud to hold again this year.

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