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Remote Video Offering


The global coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we all live our lives – personally and professionally. In just a few months we have all had to adapt and in the working environment there has been a dramatic impact on marketing communications.
Conferences and exhibitions, traditional hotbeds for new product launches, major announcements, presentations and an ideal location for new business deals to be initiated or signed, have been virtually wiped out. Even the handful that remain are seeing pitifully low attendances with people fearful to travel.
Telecommunications has seen both a threat and an opportunity and has risen magnificently to the challenge of not only maintaining networks now swamped with home working and home 24-hour living but increasing capacity across the planet.
Ninety percent of traffic growth is in video communication. Proactive PR had already established a strong and growing reputation for providing video services for its clients – filming all over the world at exhibitions and client locations wherever and whenever needed. When COVID-19 hit – that changed overnight.

Actions Taken

Proactive PR quickly took stock and assessed the situation and the technology options that were open to them. Visiting camera crews and presenters were off limits but video was an important part of the marketing mix and needed to be addressed.
The answer was a combination of Google Meet and Zoom.
By innovative use and HD activation of these options, Proactive PR developed a way of carrying out executive interviews across its entire client base. This soon developed into new product stories and even case studies and with skilful editing and the use of additional footage, the end result soon became not just acceptable but a high-quality solution – a video vaccine to crack the COVID comms crisis!


Video communication is now firmly back on the marketing calendar. Proactive PR is producing material on a daily basis for its clients and is finding that there are significant cost and convenience advantages for the client. Interviews can be arranged quickly and easily without either person having to leave their location. Good editing removes the slight voice-activated gap inherent with Google Meet and Zoom and each question and answer are basically separate video “bites”; meaning that answers can be re-done individually rather than starting the whole interview again. Travel expenses don’t even exist – Proactive PR completed a case study for a client in New Zealand in just an hour’s call.
Proactive PR has taken this concept from just interviews, product launches and case studies into embedded video into news releases and Thought Leadership comment and Webinar promotion. And there is likely to be much more to come as it helps its clients through the coronavirus pandemic.