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Proactive PR’s women to watch in telecoms

We are proud to support a vast number of companies in the telecommunications and technology sector. All of these represent both men and women who are playing a crucial role to innovate, build and envision new technologies that are helping our modern ecosystem to thrive.

It is a very exciting time to be working in the telecommunications and technology industry with the progression of developments moving at a rapid rate, creating more economic and social benefits across the world.

Within such progression and success, it is noticeable that there is still a lack of gender diversity in the telecoms and tech industry. However, when both men and women work together there are many benefits to the innovation of technology and how this impacts our lives. Companies that are gender-diverse and utilise female talent effectively are 45% more likely to report improved market share, according to a GSMA report.

This International Women’s Day we would like to highlight just a few of the women that are making a real impact on this industry, who we are proud to work with.

The woman who is impacting the broadband experience for more than 1 billion end-users

Barbara Stark, Project Stream Manager for Broadband Forum’s OB-MAP and USP projects and HomeGrid Forum Chair, has more than 30 years’ broadband experience and has significantly impacted today’s broadband networks.

TR-069 – the protocol for remote IP network CPE management – is her biggest legacy, which Barbara identified the need for, initiated and helped develop. Today, TR-069 has catalyzed broadband proliferation and is evolving for IoT.

As HomeGrid Forum chair, Barbara has seen technology adopted by many service providers and the number of certified devices grows consistently, year-on-year.

In 2019, Barbara was awarded the Woman in Telecoms Award for her contributions to broadband at the World Communications Awards.

The woman advancing satellite communications to reach communities across the world

Caroline de Vos, Co-Founder and COO at SatADSL has made a significant impact on communities across the world by providing satellite services to new markets and areas. Caroline guided her team to explore and find areas of huge potential for developing socially and economically through satellite connectivity which led to the instalment of more than 3,000 very small aperture terminal (VSAT) networks in more than 45 countries.

Caroline feels her empathy to relate to challenges and applications of insight are what keeps her relevant and growing. She looks forward to a time when the strength to shine for women should be expected and not the exception.

The woman advocating for greater access to spectrum to support economic growth and innovation 

Martha Suarez, the first female President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, advocates for the utilisation of spectrum in order to increase global connectivity across continents, organisations and governments. Playing a key role, Suarez’s actions help to create synergies between communities that lead to the release of new regulations which enable the deployment of more wireless infrastructure and technologies to provide improved Wi-Fi access. Suarez sees the vital role that internet access has on social and economic developments internationally which is why she champions new innovations in dynamic spectrum technologies to connect the four billion who are unconnected.

The many women who are innovating and breaking down barriers to success and equality in the industry

We know of so many more women at NGMN Alliance, telent, HomeGrid Forum, HUBER+SUHNER and more who are working alongside teams of both men and women to push the limits of innovation and technology. Working together to establish new strategies and visions to reach their goals across the world, we are proud to support and pass the word on about their successes.



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By Lauren Wood, Senior PR Consultant

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