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Revolutionising the Filofax – now is the time to update your diary

Everyone’s dad had a Filofax back in the ‘80s and ‘90s – it symbolised success and efficiency. From company directors to secretaries and everyone in between, they all carried their Filofaxes with pride and loved the look and status it provided. Anyone who was anyone carried a Filofax and it definitely completed their ‘ready for business’ look – it said ‘I’ve made it and I want you to know’.

The Filofax told you where you had to be and what you had to do. Once a year you would update it with a smart new calendar and constantly be adding new notelets as and when. People used to build their whole work life and social agenda around that precious little object. Sometimes you would make mistakes in those pristine pages leaving scrawls and scribbles but it really didn’t matter because you had made them and you understood them.

Jump forward to 2016 and everything’s different. Paper is becoming obsolete and mistakes can now be corrected at the touch of a button, without anyone ever knowing. As much as you once relied on the familiarity of the Filofax, there is a growing feeling even among the most traditional of society that it is time to move on and embrace the technology that is craving our attention. Change is scary and change makes us anxious but it also challenges us and makes us stronger. It is in our nature to cling to familiarity and nostalgia but once in a while we need to step back a little, be subjective and realise that technology can enhance our lives, making us more productive and more efficient.

Collaboration, for example, is becoming all the more important with the rise of remote working and is just one way in which smartphones and other electronic calendars out-do the Filofax. As smart as you make those pages, a humble Filofax can only ever be aware of your schedule and certainly wouldn’t be able to pick up the phone to inform all those other people attending the meeting you had scheduled for 10am would now be taking place at 11am.

The new Filofax is the smartphone, it offers us 100% accuracy in content and look, as well as benefits like increased efficiency, and to use paper is to compromise on both. Today’s generations and beyond will appreciate that there once was a time when we only had physical logs like the Filofax but that day has gone, a fond memory of a simpler time, and now we must embrace the advances in technology and just move on. The smart phone is here to stay and its powers are truly endless if we trust it.


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