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Wear your smart wearable on your sleeve…

In a matter of years, our image-conscious society has jumped from strapping the glitziest Michael Kors watch on the market on to our wrists (followed by an Instagram upload, of course) to bagging a new range of accessories that have revolutionised the way we operate – smart wearables. According to data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), 102.4 million smart wearables were shipped in 2016, and 2017 looks set to see that number increase.

However, the variation of smart wearables on the market can make choosing your perfect device difficult, especially because your selection is based on more than just looks. There’s the perfect smart wearable out there for every image but it’s also important to pick the right fit to accompany your lifestyle. So what do these different devices offer? Here’s a round-up of just five smart wearables that are available on the market right now.

The Huawei Watch 2

The latest smart wearable release from Huawei caused quite a stir during its release at Mobile World Congress 2017. The Huawei Watch 2 – which has just launched in the UK – boasts SIM support and 4G connectivity for life on the go, so you can leave your mobile phone at home and stay connected. It’s supported by Android Wear 2.0 and comes with a built-in GPS, heart rate sensor and Google Maps. The device is packed with fitness-friendly features such as real-time stage guidance, speed statistics, heart rate warnings, lap reminders and goal progress reminders – you can even wear it swimming too!

Suitable for: Fitness fanatic

Price: From £329 


The Fitbit is a great smart wearable to get you started on your fitness journey and there’s no wonder it takes the lead in the fitness wearables market. The Fitbit encourages you to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, but you don’t have to be a gym geek to use it. It logs plenty of data relating to your activity levels, steps and distance covered, with a flower avatar on the display which grows and shrinks in accordance with your activity levels. It also transforms into a sleep monitor at night to record whether you are getting your eight hours of shut-eye. It’s budget-friendly and suitable for every age group, making this the perfect all-rounder for anyone pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

Suitable for: Everyone

Price: From £69.99 

The Apple Watch 2

The new Apple Watch Series 2 brings various tech upgrades from the original, such as a faster processor, a water-resistant design, a swimming tracker and a GPS chip, too. The WatchOS processor features a great little novelty function called Breathe – a prompt every few hours to encourage you to lean back and a take a breath to alleviate stress throughout the day. The Apple Watch Series 2 is sleek, sophisticated and perfect for an individual who is always on the go – just ask Siri to remind you to collect that dry cleaning!

Suitable for: People of action

Price: From £269 


The clue is in the name with this nifty little ring called Ringly. It connects to your mobile phone and uses Bluetooth to deliver alerts through vibrations and colour-coded lights on the ring’s gemstone – so you don’t have to go rifling through your handbag to check if you’ve received a text message! Like other smart wearables on the market, Ringly tracks your activity throughout the day and you can set activity targets using the app on your smart phone. It is the most glamorous of all the wearables as it doesn’t resemble a high-tech gadget in any way – result!

Suitable for: Women on the move

Price: From £160


Leaf by Bellabeat is an interesting concept for women. The device works as a mind and body monitor by tracking your health, activity and reproductive cycle through a menstrual and fertility calendar. It is a pretty leaf-shaped bracelet and the first smart wearable to predict stress before it takes control of you. This is an excellent smart wearable for women looking to become better engaged with their body.

Suitable for: All women 

Price: From £96.09 


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