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Is it worth entering industry awards?

Put your hands up, who loves to work hard but receive no recognition whatsoever? No-one? Really? You do surprise me!

Whether you are an amazing PR agency, a multi-billion-pound yacht business or an actor in Hollywood, we all like to be recognised – and rewarded – for a job well done. Entering industry awards can have many positive outcomes, even if ultimately you don’t go on to win. Look at Mr DiCaprio – now there is an example of someone who never gave up entering awards.

Having a work force that is truly engaged doesn’t come easy these days. Entering your business into an award can generate unmeasurable amounts of morale within your teams. The effect an award win can have on your business’ reputation is huge and this will also make you highly desirable as an employer. Win win!

Lets fast forward to the award ceremony. You are there with your team, dressed up and holding a glass of your favourite white fizz. You have an inkling you have won, as you know your competition well. Everything is on track and your category is up next. The butterflies start… The envelope is opened… Your name is called out! You did it – you actually won! The team give a whoop and you all excitedly arrive on stage to collect your well-deserved trophy.

The night that follows is quite possibly the best team building money can buy. You are all making plans, you are all looking forward, you are all dreaming of “what’s next”. The CEO or team leader that steered you there, that made this happen, is the proudest they have ever been and already planning the next award to enter.

Now look around the room. These people have just seen you win an award for best global campaign or most promising new business. Surely this is the best networking opportunity that will ever fall into your lap. Armed with your business cards – you go and mingle.

Post award win, the excitement continues. You announce the award win in a press release and publicise it on your website and across your social media. You instruct your team to circulate the announcement to your clients and customers to ensure they know they are now dealing with an award-winning organisation.

As a business owner or stakeholder, increasing your revenue is something that will always be on your to do list. Why wouldn’t prospective customers want to partner with an award-winning team or company? Capitalise on your win, by attending networking events before your winning glow starts to fade.

An award win is basically an industry stamp of approval. Award wins build trust not only with your staff but with your customers and future business too. So now ask yourself, why wouldn’t you enter an industry award?


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By Jayne Brooks, Director of PR and Client Relations

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